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In September we asked you to help us make improvements to the Rights Respecting Schools Award by completing an online survey, and over 300 of you responded. Thank you.

We’ve been very lucky to have some pro-bono support from a very experienced team doing an Executive MBA at Judge Business School at The University of Cambridge. They used what you said in the survey, along with some of our internal data, and a research and benchmarking exercise, to carry out a very thorough review of RRSA.

The objectives of the project were to find out what you think about the Award and the guidance and support that we offer, to carry out a benchmarking exercise to compare this programme to others within the UK education sector and to explore options for making greater use of digital technology to deliver training and other aspects of the Award.

The Cambridge team found that engaged teachers were absolutely clear they valued the existing programme highly, giving the Award a Net Promoter Score, a commonly used measure of a customer brand experience, a laudable 47.4. The range goes from -100 to +100 so this is a very positive result.

"It’s been such a beneficial journey for our school. The support and advice we received were amazing."
Feedback Survey Respondent 2016

The team identified that:

  • over 75% of the respondents find the website and our resources extremely or very useful;
  • over 60% find our regional training extremely or very useful, although nearly a third of respondents had not attended any training;
  • teachers really value the face-to-face contact with our staff and the opportunities to network with other rights respecting teachers at training events.

However, the Executive MBAs also found that many schools are not progressing as quickly as might be expected and suggested reasons why this might be, including the frequency and delivery of training.

Survey results positively showed that a significant number of schools (over 70%) were attracted to the possibility of online training, particularly if this enabled the school to save money and allowed teachers to complete training flexibly.

The Cambridge team made two recommendations that we plan to address during 2017 and beyond.

  1. Look at how we can help schools to increase progress on their rights respecting journey so we are improving outcomes for more children more quickly.
  2. Consider a blended learning approach to our training; using digital technology to enrich the programme further, and provide more options to support schools.

Once again we would like to thank all of you who took the time to respond. The learning from this exercise has been invaluable. We always welcome feedback from our rights respecting community and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.