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Ideas for teaching about, through and for rights

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Teaching and learning about, through and for rights is a methodology for practically implementing the Award in every aspect of school life.

About, through and for are linked to Strands A, B and C.

On each page below we provide ideas and actions that you can consider implementing in your school in order to achieve the outcomes that our Professional Advisers and Assessors will need to see at a Silver or Gold accreditation visit.

About: Strand A – Teaching the whole school about rights so that the whole school knows about children’s rights and this knowledge is used to improve child well-being and the school, as well as advocate for global justice and sustainable living.

Through: Strand B – Teaching through rights is concerned with the planning and structures that underpin school life, ensuring that the operational structures of a school are rights respecting.

For: Strand C –  Teaching for rights is about looking out to the wider community and beyond, empowering students to become active global citizens.

Strand A: Teaching and learning about rights

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Strand B: Teaching and Learning through rights

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Strand C: Teaching and Learning for Rights

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