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Earlier this year we asked schools in Wales to take part in a consultation with the Welsh Government about changing the law on physical punishment.

At present, children do not have equal protection from assault as adults. Currently the law in Wales allows parents to physically punish their children if deemed ‘reasonable punishment’. The Welsh Government wants to change the law so that children have equal protection – something UNICEF UK supports.

In March and April we worked with Votes for Schools to ask young people in schools across Wales what they thought about this.  

Over 1000 young people learnt about how the law is changing in other countries and took part in classroom debates to help them decide what they thought about a change in the law. 

Young people made arguments on both sides; support the law as it stands or support a change in the law.

1,157 young people voted on whether the law should change ‘yes’ or stay the same ‘no’.  


UNICEF UK has prepared a summary response for young people who took part in the consultation.. 

We have looked at what young people said, anonymised students’ comments and shared this with the Welsh Government:  we told the Welsh Government that we agree with young people and think the law does need to change.  

The Welsh Government will work on how they can make these changes and ensure that children, young people and parents in Wales get the support they need.

We would like to thank your students for sharing their views and your school for taking part in this important piece of work.

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