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An Activity Pack to #ENDviolence In and Around Schools

As part of its #ENDviolence campaign, UNICEF has partnered with the World’s Largest Lesson to develop an activity pack for children and young people to take action to end violence in and around schools.

This supports implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (Goals 4 and 16) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (Articles 19 and 28).

The pack is aimed mainly at children aged 8-14, but it also includes activity ideas for 4-7 year-olds and for young people over the age of 14. It can be used in both school and non-school settings like youth clubs.

The pack consists of two parts. Part 1 introduces the topic and the core learning via a 35-minute session, supported by a Teacher/Facilitator Guide with safeguarding advice and tips on how to handle sensitive discussions. Part 2 offers a series of four activities that enable children and young people to demonstrate their learning with practical action. These additional activities range from 35 to 60 or more minutes. It’s important to use Part 1 first, then pick and choose all or some of the Part 2 activities to suit. The pack is flexible: activities can be tailored to suit the age of children and the time and resources available.

The activities offer the chance for children and young people to contribute to positive change in their schools, communities and countries, as well as the opportunity – if desired – to feed into UNICEF’s global advocacy via an international survey, a comic contest to design a superhero character and adventure to keep schools safe, UNICEF’s #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto, and activities for World Children’s Day on 20 November 2018.

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