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Submit your views on the Children and Young People's citizen space.

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We are thrilled to announce that Scotland is incorporating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into domestic law.

This means public authorities must act in a way that is aligned with children’s rights. It means courts can decide if legislation is compatible with children’s rights. And it means the Scottish Government can change laws to ensure they are consistent with the CRC.

It also means children and young people (and their representatives) can use the courts to seek redress if their rights are breached. Simply put, incorporation is a game-changer for children in Scotland.

UNICEF UK’s work aims to make sure that children’s rights are a reality for every child around the world, so incorporation of the CRC into domestic law is huge news and the culmination of a long-term ‘behind the scenes’ piece of work between several groups including UNICEF UK and the Scottish Parliament.

Children and young people call for views

The Equalities and Human Rights Committee is keen to hear the views of children and young people on incorporation. The call for views is open till Friday 20 November 2020.

Gathering children’s voices on important issues is a perfect activity to take part in with your Rights Respecting group. Explaining incorporation can be done in bubbles or as part of a PSHE class.

Submit your views on the Children and Young People's citizen space.

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The Committee have put together some resources to help you share children’s views:

Once you have gathered the views of children and young people use the Children and Young people’s citizen space to share their views. This can be done as individuals or on behalf of an organisation.

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