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These resources provide a starting point for letting your whole school community know you are working towards Bronze: Rights Committed.

It is important that you inform your school community (including pupils, school staff, governors, the parent council, and parents and carers) that the school is embarking on the journey to become a Rights Respecting School and explain what this means for them.

A good way to inform pupils about Award is to hold regular assemblies themed around children’s rights.

Below are some resources to help you inform your school community about the RRSA, including welcome videos, template assembly presentations and an example letter to parents.

Informing pupils at primary schools

Informing pupils at secondary schools

Informing staff and governors

Informing parents and carers

Schools also often create a display about the Award and ensure copies of the Convention are available in the school. Some schools provide families with a summary of the Convention, such as a Pocket Book of Rights (for younger children) or the Rights of Every Child leaflet (for young people and adults).

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