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21 September 2018

We are delighted that the new London Health Inequalities Strategy includes a recommendation for Baby Friendly accreditation.

The Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy sets out plans to tackle unfair differences in health to make London a healthier, fairer city.

The newly published strategy highlights that “The Mayor encourages all London boroughs to become UNICEF UK Baby-Friendly Initiative accredited in maternity and community services. He also calls on partners to improve postnatal and perinatal support for breastfeeding, as well as other crucial support services such as mental healthcare and smoking cessation. The Mayor wants the city to be more welcoming for women who can and wish to breastfeed. Working with partners, the Mayor wants to see more of London’s public spaces and workplaces enable women to breastfeed. The Mayor will ensure that City Hall, London’s transport system and other public spaces are welcoming places to breastfeed.”

Thank you to everyone who highlighted the importance of breastfeeding support during the strategy’s consultation period.

Read the full strategy at London.Gov

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