Play equipment cordoned off in a park in London.


Responding to the impact of the pandemic
on the UK’s most vulnerable children

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The pandemic has placed unprecedented pressure on local systems and services supporting children and young people – all of whom have had their lives disrupted by covid-19. In response, councils are having to radically rethink the way they reach children and young people within their cities and communities.

It is vital that children and young people remain visible, even as they remain at home.

UNICEF UK’s Child Friendly Cities & Communities programme is continuing to work with our partners, finding new ways of reaching and working with children – particularly the most vulnerable.

Too many children across the UK are at risk of real harm from the damaging impact of covid-19, with long-term impacts on their physical and mental health. In this international crisis, local services are crucial to mitigating the impact the crisis will have on the most vulnerable, as many depend on them for food, education and health services.

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