For remote learning

Take a look at our free resources below on how to help children and young people learn about rights.

Many of these activities can be adapted to take place at home, in some instances with a little adaption.

Resources for remote rights learning

Article of the Week is a regular set of remote learning activities centred on a specific article.

This flexible resource is intended to provide you with easy to use, appropriate rights-related learning to share with your children, their families and your colleagues.

Each week while schools are closed we will provide a fresh slide set containing a variety of learning ideas for both primary and secondary students.

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We’ve worked with our Youth Advisory Board to make it easier for children and young people in the UK to find what they need when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic. Events are changing fast but we will try and keep this page updated as often as we can, with new resources and new opportunities.

This event will help children understand what is coronavirus is, how to protect themselves and gain a better understanding of what they can do to keep themselves safe and healthy.

The live broadcast takes place on World Hand Hygiene Day (Tuesday 5th May) and will promote safe hand hygiene to all of the children. Content from distinguished guests and partners will cover.

Children from around the world will be engaging live (in real time) for one hour with distinguished guests. To join the event, click the following link at the scheduled time.

Please note that schools are not required to have Teams to access the classroom, this will work in most web browsers.

This event will take place:

5th May 2020
16:30 GMT
Lasts 1 hour

Enter the classroom 

Or copy and paste the following url into your web browser:

Know Your Rights – Child Rights Education Core Materials

This downloadable workbook and teachers pack contains a series of materials to help children learn about rights. The pack is aimed at children aged 11 to 12, but with minor adaptions could be used with younger or older age groups.

Voices of Youth – studying at home 

Voices of Youth from UNICEF is a global community for young people to learn about development issues (such as Environment, Education, Human Rights, etc.) and to express their opinions. The pages on Studying at Home share the experiences of children around the world who are studying in isolation due to Covid-19. Students can share their experience with Voices of Youth through their blog and on Instagram through the hashtag #voicesofyouth. There are also tips for students studying at home.

World’s Largest Lesson

Sign up to UNICEF’s partner, World’s Largest Lesson, for emails and social channels for regular activities and lesson ideas centred around the Global Goals. There are comics and animated films on their website too – all with a Global Goals theme to help children keep focused on the wider world out there.


Keep assemblies going online through online video platforms. If you are looking for rights-based assembly ideas look at our primary and secondary assemblies. The English Foundation Primary School in Hong Kong have an interesting example of how they have involved children in a virtual rights-focused assembly whilst the school has been closed.

Child Friendly CRC Icons – Card Game Ideas

In 2019, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Convention, UNICEF have developed a child-friendly CRC text and icons for each of the main articles.

Children participated in the development of the child-friendly text and icons via a global Children’s Advisory Team set up by Child Rights Connect. UNICEF developed the icons as a contribution to global child rights education and advocacy efforts.

A page of card game activities have been developed to use alongside the CRC text and icons.

Online Training Courses

Our online training courses are here to support you and your school to embed, enhance and maintain Rights Respecting practice into every aspect of school life.

We have a course for schools at all stages of the Award, from starting at the beginning and learning about children’s rights, to providing you with guidance and tools to strengthen your journey.

So that you can continue your Rights Respecting work whilst schools are closed, our online training courses are free for all adults at participating schools during this time.

To get access, email us at with the name of your school and the online course you’d like access to.

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