Welcome Back

to a new school year

Welcome back to a new school year with RRSA.

This school year is going to present some unique challenges, with a lot of uncertainty in the wider landscape.

For many of you the focus this term will be ensuring that children and young people get back in a regular routine of learning. Of equal importance will be the mental wellbeing of students returning after a period of instability.

A focus on children’s rights throughout school policy and practice ensures the wellbeing of  children and young people is at the heart of everything your school does. Consider boosting your rights respecting practice this term by booking an assessment by email and pushing your school to the next stage of the RRSA.

We also suggest exploring our online Training Courses, Support Workshops, our E-Learning courses and our Teaching Resources. They can really make a huge difference to your work on children’s rights.

For your work specifically on wellbeing and mental health we recommend Place2Be resources and training. Join Place2Be’s online Mental Health Champions – Foundation programme to gain a deeper understanding of mental health. This online course can be an introduction or a refresher. It is free to qualified teachers and school-based staff in the UK.

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