The launch of ‘The Global Classroom’

A global initiative to unite the minds and hearts of children around the world

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This event will help children understand what is coronavirus is, how to protect themselves and gain a better understanding of what they can do to keep themselves safe and healthy.

The live broadcast takes place on World Hand Hygiene Day (Tuesday 5th May) and will promote safe hand hygiene to all of the children. Content from distinguished guests and partners will cover. The Global Classroom themes of body, mind and heart addressing the unified global issue of coronavirus.

As part of its strategic communication efforts on coronavirus, WHO has been collaborating with partners to expand the reach of its public health campaigns, to produce compelling content for media to fight misinformation and to engage with partners and influencers to raise the profile to the global response.

Children from around the world will be engaging live (in real time) for one hour with distinguished guests. To join the event, click the following link at the scheduled time.

Please note that schools are not required to have Teams to access the classroom, this will work in most web browsers.

This event will take place:

5th May 2020
16:30 GMT
Lasts 1 hour

Enter the classroom 

Or copy and paste the following url into your web browser: