A family fleeing war in Syria, Mount Stewart Infants

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A family fleeing war in Syria

Crystal Class (Y1) from Mount Stewart Infants created a short motion animation to support our class assembly theme on ‘proud to be me’.

The children thought about how they have helped their friends, in particular, new children that join them in class. The emphasis of the animation was to promote empathy and awareness of children around the world who are suffering from war. Our children were engaged and produced some thought provoking responses such as: ‘why do people hurt the children?’ and ‘how do adults help all the children?’

The animation involved using the app ‘Movie Maker’ with lots of still photos being taken with the children moving each character into position (a bit like a moving picture book). Crystal Class children created each character by first talking about who they wanted to create, then drawing them, cutting them out and then finally recording their voices to include them in the final animation. This was a fantastic way of bringing global awareness of the plight of refugee children into a primary classroom.

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