Your Gold Banner

Now that you’re a Gold: Rights Respecting school, you will receive a new Gold banner and you might wonder what to do with your Silver one.

Why not think about upcycling? Upcycling is the process of turning a product into something new. It’s good for the environment (Article 24), it gives you an opportunity to be creative (Article 29 and 31), and it encourages you to reuse plastic to prevent it from going into our oceans (Global Goal 14).

Your Rights Respecting banner is made of vinyl, a very durable fabric which can be used for other things. Here are five fun ways you can upcycle your banner:

  • Totes and bags – you can turn vinyl banner material into computer bags, lunch bags, bicycle totes, rucksacks, wallets… Find out more here: http://www.bannerbags.co.uk/
  • Flags and bunting – turn your banner into bunting for celebrations and decorations or cut out the RRSA logo as a flag to show that you are a Rights Respecting School
  • Bookmarks – cut your banner into strips and create bookmarks
  • Wall art – cut out parts of the banner into shapes for wall displays – you could even frame the logo
  • Curtains – cut the banner into strips to create slat style door curtains

We would love to hear about any creative ideas you have had in your school. Email rrsa@unicef.org.uk to share your ideas and feature on our website.

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