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Many schools have created their own videos or songs about children’s rights and global citizenship in the context of their rights respecting work.


Osmani School – These are Our Rights

Osmani School’s Year 6 music class cover many different ways of writing, listening and playing music, including songwriting. The class decided to write a song based on the rights of  children and those of adults in our community.

First, the class looked at the right that children in the school felt were most important and made these into lyrics.

Then the class created a backing track using both electronic and live instruments. They learned Pachelbel’s Canon in D on a range of instruments including piano, recorder and xylophone. Then, the class produced the track by recording it and mixing in Logic Pro before finally adding voices on top to complete the track. The class hope the track will highlight how important rights really are.


Make this World a Better Place

Children from St Jame’s Catholic Primary in Twickenham  ing Make this World a Better Place, written by teacher Sha Armstrong.

Lyric sample:
In our school we’ll try to be
The best that we can be
We will show respect and then we’ll get
To live in harmony
In our school we’ll listen to
Another’s point of view
We will show respect and then we’ll get
To live in harmony
We can make this world a better place
For everyone to see
We can make this world a better place
It starts with you and me.


For Every Child by Glade Primary School 

The children at Glade Primary School wrote a song called ‘For Every Child’ , which highlights the rights of children across the world in accordance with the UNCRC, and using some text from the beautiful UNICEF UK book ‘For Every Child’.



More information and full lyrics for this song can be found on the Glade Primary School site.


“Even When We Sing” by Horfield CEVC Primary School, Bristol

This song is based on Articles 12, 13 and 14 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The full resource page where sheet music and backing track can be downloaded are available here.


Every Child has Rights” by By St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Crewe

Listen on the St Mary’s website.

With thanks to Matthew Plant, Choirleader and RRSA coordinator at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Crewe © Matthew Plant 2010


“Songs for rights and respect” – A Collection

Musicians Paul Kelly and Tim Freeman worked with Wallands Primary School in Lewes to write songs based on rights that can be used in assemblies and in the classroom. Samples of the songs on the collection of songs on the website – to get all the whole package of songs, there is a small cost.


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