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Very occasionally, incidents or circumstances occur in schools which may have required, or still be subject to, external investigation or legal processes.

Schools may also be subject to intense media or public scrutiny over a particular issue. Where such situations involve a potential infringement of the rights of any child(ren) at the school or could damage the reputation of the school or of UNICEF UK, we ask that the information is shared, confidentially and within legal parameters, with UNICEF UK’s Programme Director for RRSA.

Please send an email to rrsa@unicef.org.uk marked CONFIDENTIAL for the attention of the Programme Director alerting us to the fact that they have some confidential information to share. This information could then be shared in a telephone conversation with the Programme Director or by sending a password protected attachment with the password sent in a separate email.

Any disclosure will be handled sensitively and will not, necessarily, affect the process or outcome of your RRSA accreditation.

We now ask schools to confirm that they will agree to share such information with us on the Silver or Gold evaluation forms.

Failure to share relevant information which subsequently comes to the attention of UNICEF UK may result in the school’s RRSA Accreditation status being suspended, pending further investigation or discussion.

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