Qualifications Framework Programme

Becoming a Qualified Practitioner

Please note – we have been very impressed by the high level of quality submissions to the Qualifications Framework programme. Following the end of the pilot year for the Framework, we have decided to temporarily pause the Practitioner course for 2022 in order to reflect on how best to meet the needs of participants. We hope to re-start the programme in September 2022, so please keep an eye out for updates via our website and news mailings

Practitioners are those working clinically with mothers to support infant feeding and very early child development.

Practitioners are staff who have received basic training and would like to learn more. They undertake (or would like to undertake) extra responsibilities, such as mentoring and training colleagues, teaching and supporting parents, undertaking audits, etc. to support the implementation of the Baby Friendly standards and other initiatives.


For a closer look at the Qualifications Framework Programme, listen to a podcast developed by members of the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative and the Qualifications Framework Board, featuring our newly Qualified Leaders, Sally Goodwin-Mills BFIqL and Donna Mary Butler BFIqL.

Listen to “Celebrating success the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Qualifications” on Spreaker.

This has been such a valuable piece of work for me to complete as it is the first time in my infant feeding career I have ever felt there has been something that truly captures the level of work that is undertaken on a day-to-day basis. It was so valuable to take the time to reflect and actually get some direct feedback on practice, which has helped provide some reassurances for my individual practice.
Graduate, 2020 Cohort