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The 2020 Virtual Conference took place on 18 November. Thank you to everyone who joined – we were delighted to welcome a record-breaking 2,600+ delegates to the online event.


This year’s conference included 11 informative speakers:

  • “You’re on mute!” Welcome and reflection on 2020 – Sue Ashmore, Programme Director, Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative
  • Implementing the NHS Plan & presentation of the 2020 qualifications – Prof Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent OBE, Chief Midwifery Officer
  • Caring for mothers and babies: what have we learnt from Covid and other pandemics – Dr Karleen Gribble, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University
  • Optimizing mother-baby contact and infant feeding in a pandemic – Prof Mary Renfrew, Professor of Mother and Infant Health, University of Dundee
  • Development of the gut microbiome in early life – Dr Christopher J. Stewart, Newcastle University Academic Career Track Fellow
  • Qualifications programme: what we have learnt and what next from the surveys – Francesca Entwistle, Policy and Advocate Lead, Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative
  • Why the UK needs Black Breastfeeding Week – Mars Lord, Doula Educator & Birth Activist
  • Infant feeding support & maternal mental health – Smita Hanciles, Camden Baby Feeding Service Manager
  • Anaesthetics and breastfeeding – can they exist together? The result of a long debate – Wendy Jones PhD MRPharmS, Breastfeeding and Medication Pharmacist
  • Breastfeeding and climate change: overlapping vulnerabilities and integrating responses – Sandra Zadkovic, Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteer
  • Close of conference – Anne Woods, Deputy Programme Director, Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative

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