Universities: Stage 2

The university stage 2 assessment involves interviews with a selection of students and staff to assess their knowledge and skills.

After Stage 1 has been passed and the department is satisfied that a cohort of students has completed all the infant feeding elements of the programme they can apply for these students’ knowledge and skills to be assessed. At least three months’ notice is needed for the Baby Friendly office to arrange a Stage 2 assessment.

This assessment consists of a visit to the university by one or two Baby Friendly assessors. The project lead, Head of Department (HOD) and core members of the teaching team that deliver the majority of the content will be invited to individual, face-to-face professional discussions about the standards, how they are delivered within the curriculum, what support is available for the project lead to implement the standards and plans for sustainability and maintaining the standards following accreditation.

The student interview (about 20 minutes) is based on the clinical assessment tool for healthcare staff and will include a demonstration of how the student would teach a mother to position and attach her baby for breastfeeding and hand expression of breast milk, along with a range of questions about supporting the mother to build a relationship with her baby, basic breastfeeding management and problem solving.

Following successful completion of Stage 2 assessment, the course will be accredited as Baby Friendly.

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