Stage 3: Parents' experiences

At Stage 3, the focus is on ensuring that the Baby Friendly standards are implemented for all pregnant women and new mothers. These standards are different for each service and are listed below.

Parents’ experience of maternity services

Stage 3 for maternity services means that hospitals have supported mothers and babies with their infant feeding choices and encouraged the development of close and loving relationships between parents and baby.

Parents’ experiences of neonatal services

Stage 3 for neonatal services assesses whether parents have been supported to have a close and loving relationships with their baby, that they are valued as partners in care, and that babies are enabled to breastfeed/receive breastmilk when possible.

Parents’ experiences of health visiting services

For health visiting and public health nursing services, Stage 3 assessment involves assessing that mothers are supported with their feeding, given useful and accurate information and that parents are supported to recognise the importance of relationships and how to build these.

Parents’ experiences of children’s centres

Stage 3 for children’s centres means ensuring that breastfeeding is protected and supported in all areas of the service and that pregnant women and parents are supported to build relationships with their baby.

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Parents' experiences of maternity services

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Parents' experiences of neonatal services

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Parents' experiences of health visiting services

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Parents' experiences of children's centres

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